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  • We installed our Buddyrider yesterday and took our toy poodle, named Daisy, for a ride. Daisy LOVED it! The product was very easy to install and it is a lot sturdier than I had expected. It is very solid/stable. Great product - congratulations and I wish you much success. - Jeff, Seattle, Washington

  • Ok - firstly I HAVE MY BUDDYRIDER and I have to say, I had very high expectations and this product blew them away!!!!! One ride and our girl Daisy (Daisy-Duke), was jumping at the bike for another. The product exceeds what I hoped for and is well built, makes my pup and me feel secure and she loves the wind on her head on rides. A++ - Peter Scarborough Ont

  • Hi Colin and Diane. Here is a picture of Cody in the buddy rider. He took to it like a duck to water and already has gone for quite a few rides. Even though Cody can be a little bit skittish he didn't show any fear what so ever with this. Thank you so much for your product. I am sure that we will be a good advertisement when we have him biking with us. He loves people and they are attracted to him anyways so with this it will even be more. For sure we will give a huge thumbs up when asked about the product. Thanks again. Cheers. - Vickie Jeff and Cody.

  • Hi Colin, I got the buddyrider today. I really can't thank you enough for inventing this beautiful seat. From the surprising simplicity of the installation to that smoothness of riding, where you don't feel like you have added anything to the bike, this seat is a WINNER. Our Sasha is only three months old and I was planning on doing maybe 10 minutes in a quiet area the first time, but as we started riding and I bent over to see her face, she licked me, and I knew instantly that I hit the jackpot with this seat. We went straight to the Lake Shore bike trail, the busiest bike trail in Toronto, practically everything on it, not just bikes, combined with the noise of the late afternoon traffic alongside. It didn't matter. Sasha was happy. We did an hour of riding there and I think we could have done another one. This seat enables me to enjoy my puppy on a different level, to take her places that are not accessible with a car, to take her farther than I would have been able to before she learns to walk properly on a leash. I can even take her away from her mama now (that would be my wife :-))). And all that for a price that wouldn't even pay for one visit to the vet, as the man who stopped me put it. Thank you so much. Here is a picture of our first ride. - Vladimir,T

  • Oh my goodness, we LOVE our buddyrider. We received on Tuesday last week (fast delivery - thanks) and headed to Kejimikujik National Park campingon Thursday. Put Tika in her new "seat" and she loved it right away. We have been having so much fun riding our bikes around the trails at the park. However, we don't seem to get too far when someone stops us and asks where we got the neat bike seat for our dog. Thank you very much for allowing us to enjoy camping and all the experiences that go along with it like biking with our best friend. - Cheryl

  • Hi Colin: Just wanted to drop a line to say how much Zander and I enjoy the Buddyrider. It's perfect--I had tried a trailer, basket in the back, and basket on the handlebars. They all had some major disadvantage for Zander or for me (he weighs 18 pounds). I retain good weight distribution and handlebar use with the Buddyrider. - Karen Edmonton

  • Yes, I have been using the Buddyrider with my JRT and would give this product a rating of 5 out of 5... Cheers - Jeff (Sit Happens Dog Training Inc)

  • The buddyRider that I purchased from you does not fit my bike. There is not enough space to dismount onto the crossbar when I come to a stop, therefor I find it unsafe.

  • Got it installed on my bike yesterday, and we went for a test run today. It is great!! I said "Toby let's go in your Buddyrider" and he ran to the door (this is a dog that hides when he sees the leash come out for walks). He sat there like a furry little king as we went around the block. Can`t wait to go for some longer rides now. I love having him up close & personal.... much better than the trailer. - Felicity, Chemainus

  • Just want to share with you Tuco on the bike, it took 15 min to Install and works great! I'm a happy customer - Nadia, Toronto

  • We got our Buddyrider on Thursday!!!.. Milo was and still is a little apprehensive. However were thinking it's getting him all harnessed in that he's not too keen on haha. Once he's in and off we go he's looking pretty damn happy haha. So we are loving it....now we don't have to feel guilty now he's with us bike riding. - Tim and Lori, Surrey

  • Just want to send a quick note to thank you for the prompt delivery of the Buddyrider! It only took 12 minutes to install, and there's still plenty of room for myself and the pet seat. My dog, Muppet, was a little apprehensive first getting in; however, once the breeze hit his face, both rider and pet were hooked! I love the product - it's solid and secure for the dog, and really easy to remove and install. I love being able to bring him along, and from the photo enclosed, he's pretty pleased with it too!

  • I am already completely smitten with my Buddyrider, and will absolutely be recommending your wonderful product to my friends. Cheers, Jill

  • We tried other carriers and Titus was never as comfortable or as relaxed as he is in the Buddyrider. Thank you and it's a great product! Darrin and Titus

  • Colin: We have been looking for a means of taking our Scottish Terrier 'Ceilidh' riding for some time. When we saw the Buddy Rider on Dragon's Den we felt it might be the solution. I must say that we are very happy with it, it works as advertised. Because the weight is right in the centre of the bike, it makes it very comfortable for riding. Great product. Thanks. Neal, Abbotsford, B.C.

  • Hi Dianne and Colin, Our little buddy "Jake", is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! He seemed quite comfortable, even on the first ride. The Buddy Rider is easy to assemble and just takes seconds to remove and clamp in place when needed! Thanks for a Great product. Julie, Jim and Jake

  • Colin, I wanted to write to tell you how useful we are finding our Buddyrider. Since I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, I was finding it difficult to walk for long periods and exercise my dog properly. Now, we regularly hit the Montour Trail; Sadie runs beside my bike until she is tired, then we put her in the Buddyrider so I can get some exercise too! We are able to include our Puggle in family activities rather than leaving her at home. Tracey Pittsburgh PA

  • We are Steve, Dee and buddyrider Benji from England. I wanted to write in and say how thrilled we are with Benji's BuddyRider he loves it.

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